How do you morph a life-changing two week trip into 400 words or less?

The local newspaper in my town kindly gave me a prominent, regular column during my recent humanitarian trip with a medical team and Rotary group to Haiti. It was great exposure and I’m so glad people have shared that this perspective helped bring this far-off country alive to them. But friends and strangers alike were pretty clear that some of the edited versions in the paper were a little disjointed. I think it was tough for the publisher to whittle such a life-encompassing trip down to several hundred words. I’m glad he used what he could and believe me, I wish I’d had more time and restful brainpower while I was there to severely edit some of my own stream-of-consciousness wordflow that spewed through my fingers straight to the keyboard. But we both did what we could. Check out my blog if you’d like to read a fuller account of the shortened bits that were in the paper, or look here for longer accounts that the local paper has kept online.


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