mk on lummi beach_2

When she was in first grade, M.K.’s parents were told she would become a juvenile delinquent if they weren’t careful

…and in high school she was voted Most Likely to Succeed.

M.K. has traveled to 48 countries and 45 states

…and has lived in three countries (plus one nomadic year living out of a suitcase with host families in multiple countries with almost 150 of her closest international friends) and five states.

M.K. has run a full marathon

…and once trained to become a professional softball player.

M.K. has worked as a college tour guide

…but always dreamed of leading tours at Disneyland.

M.K. has gone swimming with dolphins twice

…and once she went SCUBA diving with (fortunately small) sharks.

M.K. speaks German

…but used to try to communicate with gorillas via sign language.

M.K. was her high school’s drum major

…and once fell off a stage while playing drums.

M.K. is still close friends with someone she met in preschool

…even though they met when the friend slammed the door in her face and gave her a bloody nose.

M.K. has worked professionally as a study abroad marketer, classroom aide, teacher, professor, mentor, coach, arts intern, actor, editor, opera and jazz singer, babysitter, board member, youth leadership facilitator, tutor, volunteer, and mom

…and in every stage of her career, she’s found a way to write.